#61 Madeleine Grummet – Social Change, Girls & Leadership

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#61 Madeleine Grummet – Social Change, Girls & Leadership

Posted on the 8/5/18 by Mike Davis

Episode #61 of Humans of Purpose featuring the energetic and bold Madeleine Grummet came out earlier this week. Mads is creating and sustaining social impact through her work and projects.

She co-founded GirledWorld which is an ed-tech start-up that is boldly changing the world, one girl at a time. They’re geared on skill-building for next gen entrepreneurs, innovators and STEM leaders by providing mentoring for girls. 

She’s leading a movement that is set on increasing the connection between young girls and strong role models. When you elevate the narrative told to girls about what they can do, you will also boost the scope of what they set out to achieve.

The intensely curious and tenacious Mads has background in journalism in media, and by the time she was doing her MBA at The Wade Institute (The University of Melbourne) she was already probing the question of why women can’t have it all (work life and family life) and getting her hands on initiatives uplifting women.

The chat with Mads seriously ignited sparks of inspiration within us. If it did for you too, click this link to subscribe.  Leave us a 5-star rating and review on how your’e enjoying the show and share it with a friend, who you think will also enjoy our show!

Mads is our third recent podcast guest to have graduated from the Wade Institute program- check out episodes #59 Laura Youngson and #32 Mond Qu for more inspiration here.

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