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#66 Adam Jacoby – Democracy, Innovation & Change

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#66 Adam Jacoby – Democracy, Innovation & Change

Posted on the 12/6/18 by Mike Davis
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Where do we begin with our most recent guest for Podcast Episode #66, Adam Jacoby?

He’s a serial innovator with a notable portfolio of start up experience. Currently, he wears his MiVote hat (as pictured) which he knows he’ll be working seriously hard on until he removes it in 2023. Adam is the Founder and Chief Steward for MiVote, a movement to elevate democracy sans politics.

Adam’s key inspiration to starting MiVote were his 4 kids. Based on his observations of political affairs, he noticed that “the voices of individuals had been eroded in the sphere of democracy, meaning that the essence of democracy has been eroded”. In order to ensure that his kids grew up in a world where their voices did matter, he put on his “entrepreneurial lens to look at democracy”.

Adam and his co-founders saw that there was a “lack of a technical tool to know the sentiment of the constituency, and for policy makers to act upon these findings gathered in a sophisticated way”.

The goal is to ensure “a truer representation of democratic ideals for a fairer future for all”. Adam breaks this down how MiVote works to break down these barriers that keep people from participating and how they have gotten policy makers on board.

MiVote works as an intervention tool to the defunct systems of democracy. It works by utilising the “human to human interaction” to make politics and tech work together. It gives people equal opportunity to say what they think, and also holds people in government accountable to listen and take action.

MiVote has been adopted in several other countries with several chapters emerging overseas. According to Adam, in a unique way, it seems to be playing a larger and more impactful role outside of Australia.

We are hopeful about the state of democracy here and abroad. For more inspiring conversations, subscribe by clicking this link, give us a shiny 5-star rating, and tell us how you are enjoying the show! A shoutout to Jamie Skella (Episode #50) for connecting us.

This weeks episode was sponsored by The Wade Institute of Entrepreneurship. The Wade Institute is the place for creators, makers and doers who want to build transformational enterprises.

Did you know that some of our favourite guests of the podcast, inc. Mond Qu (United Make), Laura Youngson (Ida Sports), Madeleine Grummet (GirledWorld) are all Wade alumni?

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