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#65 Dr Lea Waters PhD – Positive Psychology, Growth & Action

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#65 Dr Lea Waters PhD – Positive Psychology, Growth & Action

Posted on the 5/6/18 by Mike Davis

We are so honoured to introduce the influential Dr Lea Waters PhD on Podcast Episode #65. Lea is Professor and Founding Director of the Positive Psychology Centre at the University of Melbourne and has been there for over 20 years.

She is also President of the International Positive Psychology Association (IPPA), a registered psychologist, a TEDx speaker, a founder, author and social entrepreneur. Her most recent release is a book on strength-based parenting called ‘The Strength Switch’

Inspired by challenges she faced in childhood to her early adult life and the alarming rise of depression and other mental health conditions globally, Lea has devoted her life and career into positive psychology.

Unlike traditional psychology, positive psychology centres attention on nurturing mental fitness and wellbeing.

In the episode, Lea took us on the personal life journey that has brought her to actualising her purpose and achieving this incredible repertoire of work and social impact (which undoubtedly will continue to grow).

Throughout the episode she is grounded and exudes an air of calmness as she spoke about grief, her pillars of self-care, parenting, contesting ‘tall poppy syndrome’, and gratitude.

The conversation with Lea has inspired us to realise how our impact is influenced by our own psychological wellbeing. We highly recommend checking out her book ‘The Strength Switch’ which is available through her website or through all good book stores!

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