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#64 Natalie Kyriacou – Planet, Animals & Entrepreneurship

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#64 Natalie Kyriacou – Planet, Animals & Entrepreneurship

Posted on the 29/5/18 by Mike Davis

The wonderful Natalie Kyriacou is our guest for Episode #64. She’s the passionate Founder and CEO of the environmental conservation social enterprise My Green World.

In the conversation, Nat got very real with us about her own journey of working in wildlife, starting the organisation, and the opportunities for humans and animals to coexist peacefully.

My Green World is “a social enterprise dedicated to addressing global wildlife and environmental challenges through innovative, youth-focused education”.

They inspire curiosity through their work by creating learning tools (including a very cool app) for children to learn about our ecology and realise their roles as the next generation of change-makers. Their app is now being used in several schools around the world.

Natalie believes that young people and education play fundamental roles in addressing global environmental problems.

Nat has taken her life-long passion for animals, conservation, and environment to create a movement that will contribute to the sustainability of our planet’s ecosystem.

Her early inspirations include her experience working in an animal welfare not for profit in Sri Lanka called Dogstar Foundation and working with orangutans in Borneo. 

We feel so inspired by Nat’s empathy and compassion for all living beings, and by her hard work investing in the planet’s future.

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