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If you are enjoying the podcast each week and getting good value out of it, becoming a Patreon Supporter is the best way that you can show your support, recognition and love for the podcast and I can reward you for doing so.

We are now offering two Tiers depending on your form – Human or Organisation, with a range of benefits depending on your reward preferences. Human is for individual supporters of the podcast and Organisation is ideal if your organisation supports and aligns with Humans of Purpose and you want some partner-like premium benefits.

Human Patrons get:

  • Priority access to guest and partner brand offers, giveaways and comps
  • A chance to recommend future guests and key themes
  • Recognition and thank you via our podcast in each episode and show notes
  • Exclusive invitations to our annual events and Patreon Community get togethers
  • We will also send you a custom thank you gift and note upon joining

Organisation Patrons get all Human rewards+

  • Shout out of your organisation and its mission on each podcast and in episode show notes
  • A link to your organisation in each podcast show notes and via website
  • Access to Humans of Purpose logo for co-branding and partnership purposes
  • A guest nomination from your organisation each year to appear on the podcast
  • A live podcast to be hosted at your workplace each year

A special thanks to our wonderful Patreon Supporters- Lusha, Jules, Judy, Sally, Will, Bee, Lyndon, Jo, Olivia, Bonny, Misha * 2, Joel, Stuart and Macartan, who make it possible for us to keep producing high quality weekly content!

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