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If you are enjoying the podcast each week and getting good value out of it, becoming a Patreon Supporter is a way that you can show your support, recognition and love for the podcast and I can reward you for doing so!

Patreon Supporters will soon have access to a Premium Podcast Stream that includes a bonus 15 mins per episode (or full version), allowing us to go a bit deeper with each guest and ask some of my favourite questions collected over the years. Patreon Supporters receive:

  • Premium Podcast Stream access, including 15 minutes of bonus content each episode and personal reflections on each podcast
  • Priority access to podcast guest and partner brand offers, giveaways and competitions
  • A chance to recommend future guests and key themes you’d like explored in future
  • Recognition and thank you via our podcast in each episode and show note
  • Exclusive access to our first 75 episodes of Humans of Purpose from 2017- mid 2018

A special thanks to our Patreon supporters Mish D * 2, Joel F, Stuart M who joined Macartan who make it possible for us to keep producing high quality weeky content!

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