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Hi there! I’m Mike Davis- creator and host of Humans of Purpose. A weekly podcast featuring conversations with purpose-driven leaders from around Australia.

Since 2017, I’ve brought you nearly 200 conversations with inspiring social purpose leaders whose work has a big social impact.

That’s about 20 audio books of free, independent, advertising-free and locally produced content reaching over 3,000 subscribers each week and placed in the top 150 Australian education podcast charts- not bad when there are over 1 million podcasts out there!

These are key influencers and decision makers shaping how we live and work from across top Australian business, not for profit, social enterprise, philanthropic, academic leaders and more.

Humans of Purpose enables us to champion the work of these incredible purpose-driven leaders, to inspire people to consider purpose-driven careers and to build capacity, wisdom and expertise within the community sector.

Why did I start it?

Thanks for asking past Mike… I created Humans of Purpose because it’s the kind of podcast I wanted to enjoy listening to myself and nothing like it existed.

Our unique episode formula of equal parts wisdom, experience and banter will entertain you but also enable you to grow personally and professionally. It’s certainly changed my life for the better and the lives of many people I know!

This is my invitation to you to listen, connect and grow.

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