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#70 Simon Faivel – Social Impact, Measurement & Community

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#70 Simon Faivel – Social Impact, Measurement & Community

Posted on the 12/7/18 by Mike Davis
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Simon is Director of Consulting at Social Ventures Australia as well as Chair of the SIMNA Ltd National Board and Co-Chair of Social Value International. We are incredibly lucky to have Simon bring his wealth of knowledge and understanding about impact measurement into the podcast!

Evaluating success, especially for efforts that seek change people’s lives, is a task that Simon takes very seriously. However, he has a unique way of teasing out the very human element within the complexity of impact measurement. He says, “all we are trying to do is to make sense of the world and to do things better“. 

Simon’s career started in consulting, which poised him to begin an independent practice focusing more on consulting projects in the development sector. This is how his path to being an expert in Social Return of Investment (SROI) was paved. Simply put, it’s how investments can be made towards the changes we want to see happen.

As you can hear in the conversation, Simon is distinguished by his ability to bring deep and profound questions into his practice. He insists that we question and seek to understand our biases by continually asking ourselves why we ask the questions that we ask. “It’s a matter of authenticity and honesty for the person who is asking the questions, and understanding where they’re coming from“, he adds.

We’re so glad to be reminded of the important things through this conversation with Simon. He totally shines a bright light on the value of reflection and its fruitful outcomes. If you enjoyed our conversation with Simon, do subscribe by clicking this link, and give us a rad 5-star rating.

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