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#62 Paul Hellier – Ethical Food, Sustainable Living & Tech

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#62 Paul Hellier – Ethical Food, Sustainable Living & Tech

Posted on the 15/5/18 by Mike Davis

For Episode #62 of Humans of Purpose, we have Paul Hellier, Founder of Fair Food Forager. The totally down to earth and humble Paul is doing incredible work in promoting ethical food sources and is ultimately leading by example.

Fair Food Forager seeks to shape the way consumers form their decisions on where they get their food through an ethical and sustainable lens. It works by creating a directory of local cafe’s, restaurants, and shops that fit the criteria.

They’re already actively operating in Australia, Cambodia, Canada, Indonesia, New Zealand, Singapore, the UK, and USA.

Paul’s vision is to build a movement of many individuals and business working together to make a difference in the world.

Paul started off working with the Wollongong City Council as a Natural Areas Officer. From there, he began thinking about how he could use technology to broaden his reach in communicating sustainability and to increase his impact.

He did so by coming up with Fair Food Forager to increase consumer awareness on where their food comes from, to reduce plastic use, and to support local growers and producers.

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